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About cookies

Mora armatur is using cookies on its websites. 

A cookie is a textfile which is stored on your computer by the web browser and contains different kinds of information.

Two different kinds of cookies are used, permanent and temporary.

A permanent cookie, saves a file on the visitor’s computer for example to be able to adjust the web site based on the visitor’s interests. This is possible by gathering information about:

     • how a web site is used

     • which pages are visited

     • statistics

Some permanent cookies are also used for marketing. Ads are shown to the user based on previously visited pages. These cookies stay on the computer until the user or the server that stored them delete’s them.

A temporary cookie is stored for a limited amount of time in the computer’s memory while the user is visiting the site. Temporary cookies are deleted ones the browser are closed. Some of these cookies are necessary for the web sites functionality to make it possible to navigate and access locked down pages.

If you as a user don’t want the web site to use cookies you can change the settings in your web browser to warn when a page wants to save a cookie or to shut off the possibility to store cookies. If you don’t allow cookies to be stored some of the functionality on the web site won’t work as intended. The following link shows how to disable cookies in the mayor browsers:


Read more in our Privacy policy

The following cookies are used on the website


Cookies needed for the website to function, for example used for keeping the visitor’s session across the web site.

Cookie name Provider
ASP.NET_SessionID Mora Armatur
_mynewsdesk_session mynewsdesk.com



Cookies for statistics are used to understand how the user browse the site by gathering anonymous data about page visited, for how long and how the pages have been used.

Cookie name Provider
@@History/@@scroll|# YouTube
_dc_gtm_UA-# Google Tag Manager
_ga Google Analytics
_gid Google Analytics
_utma mynewsdesk.com
_utmb mynewsdesk.com
_utmc mynewsdesk.com
_utmt mynewsdesk.com
_utmz mynewsdesk.com


Marketing and third-party cookies

These cookies are used to track the visitor while browsing between sites. The purpose is to show relevant and engaging ads for the visitor as well as adding more value for the provider of the cookies and third-party advertisers.

Cookie name Provider
_hjIncludedInSample Mora Armatur
Fr Facebook
GPS YouTube
i openx.net
IDE Google DoubleClick
KRTBCOOKIE_# pubmatic.com
PUBMDCID pubmatic.com
PugT pubmatic.com
Test_cookie Google DoubleClick
YSC YouTube